Head Shot of Joshua Hill
(this is me!)

This is a homepage for me, Joshua Hill. This is a site that I use to accumulate links to items that I wrote or find interesting.

You can find out about me by reading my résumé. If you're all social media-y, you can also view my Linked In Profile.

You can find out about my academic genealogy here. My Erdős Number is 4.


I've written a few technical papers:

I've translated (with help from Google Translate) Saburô Uchiyama's Sur le Nombre des Valeurs Distinctes d'un Polynôme à Coefficients dans un Corps Fini. My translation is The Number of Distinct Values of a Polynomial with Coefficients in a Finite Field

I've developed a few write ups for various classes that I've taught / TAed:

I have a few papers in (sometimes perpetual) draft:


I've made several public presentations on computer security, cryptography, and mathematics.


Here are some programs that I find useful or generally neat:

I have a few other pieces of software that I've written over the years. Some of them are even still useful.



A horrifying and uproariously funny description of How To Publish a Scientific Comment (in 123 easy steps) by Prof. Rick Trebino at Georgia Institute of Technology. (a local copy is here.)

Mail josh (dash) web (at) untruth.org with comments, questions, etc.